Quality and mutual benefit of the transfer of knowledge

The joint programme of staff exchange will provide the common basis for collaborative activities between participants. This programme of transfer of knowledge between partners includes joint research and training activities and dissemination activities such as seminars, workshops. It has been developed on the basis of:
1) common research priorities between participants in relation with the main theme of the project;
2) complementary expertise of the participants and possible synergies; and
3) transfer of knowledge and methodologies between the different partners through a balanced exchange of staff, including early stage researchers and senior researchers.

This project will lead to increase of the quality and current level of collaborative activities between the partners involved. The gained knowledge will be mainly obtained from:
1) intensive exchange of ideas, concepts and methodologies;
2) exchange of data and cross-validation of models;
3) application and test of conceptual and generic models in contrasted situations;
4) comparative analysis of data and research results and joint synthesis and publications. It is expected that there will be joint publications.

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