WP2: Quantitative FRAP analysis

Workpackage 2 – quantitative FRAP analysis

In the frames of the project we look forward to contribute in the increase of the accuracy and widespread use of FRAP analysis.

Description of work

The attempt to utilize the complete FRAP information on the dynamics of the entire spatial (two-dimensional) profile of recovered fluorescence provided by CLSM (confocal laserscanning microscope). We suggest developing a method of the evaluation of the quantitative parameters (the effective diffusion
coefficient, equilibrium constant, etc.) from the comparison of the temporally and spatially resolved measurements (by CLSM) of protein transport inside cells with corresponding mathematical
model (in the form of reaction-diffusion partial differential equations). The applicability of the method will be demonstrated for the FRAP investigation of GFP labeled HP1 dynamics in the nucleus of a living cell measured by CLSM.

Organizations involved



D2.1. Method of quantitative analysis of the dynamics of the fluorescence entire two-dimensional spatial profile obtained with a confocal laser-scanning microscope in FRAP experiments;
D2.2. Joint publications.

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