Photos from Jagiellonian University

Workshop in the frames of Marie Curie programme was held in July 2nd, 2012 at the Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland (please, see the final program).

Also a training in Fluorescent methods in cellular studies was kindly organaized by the staff of Jagellonian University for Russian and Czech grant participants. Several experiments were conducted during the training.

Please see photos from the Workshop and Training in Fluorescent methods in cellular studies!

Group photo of grant partiicipants

Group photo of Polish, Russian and Czech project participants who took part in the workshop near the Jagellonian University.

Darya Orlova

Darya Orlova as a chairman of the Workshop.

Alexander Moskalensky

Alexander Moskalensky presenting his work.

Training in Fluorescent Methods

Training in in Fluorescent methods in cellular studies (photobleaching techniques, fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, fluorescence lifetime measurement etc). Dominika (at the center) explains how to work with microscope.

Dr. Glazachev

Dr. Yury Glazachev (Russia) is trying to understand the nature.

Natasha and Irina

Natasha and Irina working with cells cultivation and preparation for measurement.

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