Biophysical workshop in Novosibirsk

Biophysical workshop in the frames of Marie Curie program will be held August 24 at 9:30 in the Institute of chemical kinetics and combustion, Novosibirsk, Russia.

The workshop motto: “Move-up biology from qualitative stage to quantitative era”

The following program has been formed by Organising committee for your pleasure:

  • Valeri Maltsev. Opening talk: “Super-resolution in optics for cell biology”
  • Dmitry Strokotov. “Characterization of apoptotic cells from light scattering”
  • Eva Bartova. “Epigenetics and DNA repair in embryonic stem cells”
  • Gabriela Sustackova. “Recruitment of heterochromatin-related proteins in UV-damaged chromatin”
  • Alexander Ilyaskin. “Mathematical model of the regulatory cell volume decrease”


  • Andrey Chenryshev. “Distribution function approach in solution of biokinetic problems”
  • Darya Orlova. “Improved FRAP for analysis of protein diffusion in cell nucleus”
  • Lenka Stixova. “Kinetics properties of nuclear proteins and substructures associated with heterochromatin”
  • Veronika Foltankova. “Epigenetics and protein kinetics in multiple myleoma”
  • Elena Ryabchicova. “Examination of gold nanoparticles interaction with eukaryotic cells in vitro and in vivo”
  • Vladimir Babenko. “Kinetic peculiarities of nucleosome organization in plant satellites”

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